9/11 Truth: the World’s Best Hope
The Ultimate Call for Unity in Diversity

Table of Contents

1     Acknowledgements

2     Introduction and Pre-Requisites

3     An Obvious Cover-up Leads to a Huge War

3.1    The Obvious 9/11 Cover-up

3.2    An Executive under Constant Scrutiny?

3.3    Watchdogs Have Ignored 9/11

3.4    Internal Watchdogs Have Failed to Bark

3.5    Congressional Watchdogs Have Failed to Bark

3.6    U.S. Judges Have Failed to Bark

3.7    State Governments Have Failed to Bark

3.8    Foreign Governments Have Failed to Bark

3.9    The Media Have Failed to Bark

3.10   The Internet Exception

3.11   Corporations Have Failed to Bark

3.12   Scholars and Professionals Have Failed to Bark

3.13   Religious Watchdogs Have Failed to Bark

3.14   Unions Have Failed to Bark

3.15   Human and Civil Rights Groups Have Failed to Bark

3.16   Peace Groups Have Failed to Bark

3.17   Guerillas and Terrorists Have Failed to Bark

3.18   From a Sloppy Cover-up to a Huge War

4     The 9/11 Censorship

4.1    Spontaneity versus Coordination

4.2    Powerful International Organizations

4.3    The International Cover of the 9/11 Censorship

4.4    Leaks and Plumbing, Ongoing

4.5    Plumbing through Spiritual Perversion

4.6    Leaks and Plumbing on the Day of 9-11

4.7    The 9/11 Censorship Was Globally Coordinated

4.8    Who Would Qualify as a 9/11 Censor?

4.9    The Resistants: The Unsung Leakers

4.10   The 9/11 Censorship as an Overarching Issue

4.11   9/11 Has Been a Liberal/Muslim/Peace Job

4.12   Action Item: Reprioritize 9/11 Truth Activism

4.13   First Activism Tool: How to Identify a 9/11 Censor

4.14   Who Are the 9/11 Censors?

4.15   Second Activism Tool: How to Engage a 9/11 Censor

5     The 9/11 Censorship’s Context

5.1    The 9/11 Censorship and Other False Flags

5.2    The False Flag Censorship and Other Conspiracies

5.3    The “Mother of All Censorships?”

6     The Global Platonic Theater

6.1    What is a Platonic Theater?

6.2    An Inverted Platonic Theater

6.3    The Platonic Masters

6.4    The Essential Psychopath

6.4.1      Essential Psychopathy

6.4.2      The Young Essential Psychopath

6.4.3      The Essential Psychopath’s Climb to Power

6.5    Pathocracy

6.6    From the “Hysteroidal” Cycle into Pathocracy

6.7    A U.S. Hysteroidal Peak

6.8    Essentially Psychopathic Platonic Masters?

6.9    Towards a Global Pathocracy?

7     Leaving the Global Platonic Theater

7.1    9/11 Truth as the Way Out

7.2    Third Activism Tool: 9/11's Baby Step

7.2.1      Why a Baby Step?

7.2.2      The 9/11 "Baby Page"

7.2.3      Building 7's Teaser Slide Show

7.2.4      The Baby Step's Net Effect

7.2.5      The Baby Step on Censors and Leaders

7.3    Streamlining 9/11 Truth

7.3.1      AE911Truth Demystifies Building 7

7.3.2      Building 7 Thickens the Epistemological Plot

7.3.3      AE911Truth Demystifies the Twin Towers

7.3.4      The Twin Towers Set 9/11's Epistemological Question

7.3.5      Welcome the Censorship Early on

7.3.6      Fourth Activism Tool: the Fundamental 9/11 Pages

7.3.7      Fifth Activism Tool: the Demolition Tree

7.4    9/11 Truth’s Short Action List

7.5    Summary

1         Acknowledgements

Since I started to put this e-book together, I have jokingly told whoever wanted to hear it that I am now a 9/11 scholar. Since this e-book appears to be the de facto authority on 9/11's essence, the idea has merits. However, it does not matter much. What matters much is that for the first time, all “we the people of the world” need to comprehend about 9/11 is condensed in a single, well structured, freely accessible piece. The essential 9/11 puzzle has been solved and the resulting picture is a disconcertingly easy and incredibly promising road map. This is the time to thank the numerous entities and people—many of whom I don’t know or remember—who have made this possible:

This is the fifth public version of this e-book. I am very grateful to the readers who took the time to provide feedback since I rushed to upload the first version of this text on 2010-Aug-23:


Dan Noël,2011-March-18

2         Introduction and Pre-Requisites

Welcome to the advanced—and final—class of the essential 9/11 course! It is a great honor to offer this analysis to “you the people of the world.” It is the purposely missing class in the high school philosophy and humanities curriculum. Its message is straightforward and it may be the most important of these times, whether you are a forgotten downtrodden refugee in Chechnya or a glitzy corporate tycoon in New York. Cherish it and “you” will usher in a global paradigm of intense love, peace, and healing. Ignore it and “you” expose “yourselves” to the opposite.

The fundamental 9/11 class—the only other indispensable 9/11 class—and your subsequent homework have taught you that the 9/11 terror attacks were a false flag operation:

The War on Terror—currently (2011-Feb) pursued by the democratic-bipartisan Obama administration under the euphemism of “overseas military contingencies”—is a process in which the U.S. government maintains a climate of fear of a repeat of the 9/11 terror attacks and leverages it as a cover for:

If the above information shocks you, reading the following sections will likely be a fruitless exercise. Instead, come back only after properly preparing yourself:

This e-book is a work in progress. I have rushed it to the web because to my knowledge nobody has put together such a straightforward guide through the lessons of 9/11, including demonstrating the huge stakes behind 9/11 Truth and offering simple actions to wrap them up in an incredibly favorable ending. I am continuously correcting errors, elaborating on summary statements, and clarifying obscure concepts. Kindly flag errors and room for improvement to Dan.Noel@Global-Platonic-Theater.com. Good digestion!

3         An Obvious Cover-up Leads to a Huge War

3.1           The Obvious 9/11 Cover-up

You already know that the cover-up of the 9/11 false flag is mediocre by any standard. Let us briefly refresh our memory before analyzing its ramifications.

The false flag’s defining event, the controlled demolition of the twin towers, is obvious:

The rest of the 9/11 cover-up is hardly more convincing than the twin towers’ demolitions’:

To summarize, the 9/11 terror attacks were a dreadfully spectacular false flag, but their cover-up was sloppy. This brings us to the true enigma of 9/11: how could the U.S. government leverage 9/11 into the “war on terror?” The answer is that the cover-up was censored. In other words, virtually all leaders and institutions who would be counted on to denounce the false flag and its cover-up did not do so. Let us take a closer look.

3.2           An Executive under Constant Scrutiny?

The previous section’s last paragraph raises an immediate objection in the mind of those who are not familiar with the matters discussed in this document. They argue that the U.S. executive branch operates under constant scrutiny and that rogue U.S. activities could not and would not stay hidden, with the help of concrete examples, such as:

Skeptics also correctly list an impressive catalog of watchdogs, which makes the U.S. president one of the most closely observed individuals worldwide:

3.3           Watchdogs Have Ignored 9/11

Many truth-seekers report being shocked after realizing that their trusted watchdogs missed the true nature of 9/11. Conversely, many skeptics understandably justify their unease about 9/11 Truth through the reverse argument.

As amazing as it seems, the above-mentioned watchdogs, with precious few exceptions, have essentially acted as if they “knew” the official 9/11 story to be indisputably true and worthy of nothing more than an occasional recollection or reference. Their treatment of the overabundant evidence of a false flag and a cover-up has been to completely ignore it. Occasionally, a watchdog has made a statement on 9/11 Truth, but almost always to dismiss, ridicule or demonize dissenters. Remarkably, each watchdog seems to tailor its arguments berating truth-seekers to its particular audience’s taste. Exceptionally, a watchdog has let through some information exposing 9/11 as a false flag.

As a result of this abnormal reaction by traditional watchdogs, new watchdogs have had to spring up (see section 3.10).

In striking contrast to their ignorance of the false flag, the watchdogs generally do their job regarding the policies that 9/11 has engendered:

Interestingly, while the official 9/11 myth is essentially off-limits, these 9/11-induced policies are hotly debated, fan controversies, and generate wedge issues that pit people against each other.

The fact that many traditional watchdogs fight post-9/11 policies tooth and nail but ignore 9/11 Truth except for occasionally summarily dismissing it indirectly instills into the unsuspecting public’s mind the message that the official 9/11 story is clear, complete, evident, and unquestionable:

3.4           Internal Watchdogs Have Failed to Bark

9/11 Truth activists have sent communications to U.S. public servants with the power—and duty—to investigate and prosecute instances of criminal activities within the U.S. government. So far, they have received almost no feedback. A few have reported some empathic reply followed by no action or an excuse to not pursue any action. Notable is a 2008 answer by FBI Counterterrorism Division Assistant Director Michael J. Heimbach that "[Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth CEO] Gage presents an interesting theory [on the twin towers’ controlled demolition], backed by thorough research and analysis." However, Heimbach would never follow up, alleging other priorities.

3.5           Congressional Watchdogs Have Failed to Bark

Numerous members of the U.S. Congress—notably the large majority of its liberal members—ostensibly and adamantly opposed most neocon policies. Denouncing the 9/11 false flag would have slain the proverbial dragon. Yet they remained mum on 9/11, with very few—and always very mild—exceptions.

Former Rep. McKinney was one of the most—if not the most—radically liberal members of the House of Representatives at the time of 9/11. She may have been the neocons’ bête noire, opposing the Bush administration at just about every turn. Yet, when it came to criticizing 9/11, even though she was as boisterous as always, she consistently refrained from killing the myth. She blasted Bush and his lieutenants for ignoring ominous warnings and vociferously denounced cover-up activities in the official investigations, but never affirmed the obvious controlled demolitions of the twin towers or Building 7. She provided the impression that she was pushing the envelope on 9/11, like she did on so many issues. The obvious unconscious lesson for the public was that since this unabashed political extremist and archenemy of Bush would go no further than denouncing criminal incompetence, carelessness and obfuscation, anybody going further would lack mental sanity.

A few other members of Congress who often antagonized the Bush administration, among them Reps. Kucinich and Paul, did make statements favoring 9/11 Truth, but in still milder terms than McKinney. This gives credibility to the theory that members of Congress would have tailored their protests against 9/11 to their respective levels of opposition to Bush.

3.6           U.S. Judges Have Failed to Bark

Several people have filed lawsuits in U.S. courts, alleging that U.S. authorities or corporations wronged them by allowing or engineering 9/11. As of 2010-Nov, U.S. judges have invariably sided with the executive branch, citing frivolity or national security. Notorious is the dismissal with prejudice by U.S. judge Chin, in the spring of 2010, of a lawsuit by April Gallop, a Pentagon survivor. Tellingly, Chin did not formulate a logical argument to refute several factual claims alleged by Gallop, but instead summarily dismissed them as "fanciful, fantastic and delusional."

Under the guidance of Don Meserlian, P.E., grassroots organizations, notably WeAreChange, spurred their members to give their judges documents proving misprision of treason in relation to 9/11, the treason being the act of compelling the United States to engage in war. Ironically, U.S. law can easily be read to imply that people under U.S. jurisdiction have a legal obligation to perform this action lest they expose themselves to criminal penalties. Scores of U.S. judges have received these documents. So far, none of them has acted.

As a side-note, in 2010, it was reported on the web that a municipal judge in Palatine Bridge, New Jersey, would have recommended a Grand Jury investigation into these claims of treason.

It bears mentioning that Bush got to appoint close to half of U.S. judges after 9/11, based on dubious “anti-terror” credentials, with the collaboration of pliant senators. The question as to whether a U.S. judge will ever bark on 9/11 may be rhetorical.

3.7           State Governments Have Failed to Bark

The territory of California is reputed for its high frequency of punitive earthquakes. As such, the state government’s bureaucracy counts numerous civil engineers with earthquake expertise. They understand very well how high-rises are built and how they fall. They undoubtedly would readily identify controlled demolitions as obvious as the twin towers’, not to mention Building 7’s. They understand full well how 9/11 yielded numerous undesirable policies, including the diversion of already scarce public resources into useless wars and superfluous security measures. As the state authorities have found themselves with less support from and more obligations to the federal government, 9/11 has hit these civil engineers personally, undermining the job safety and the financial security public servants highly value. It is unthinkable that they must not have discussed 9/11 within small circles of colleagues. Therefore, it is hard to believe that the governor and the legislative leaders of California’s government would not know that the official 9/11 story is a fabrication.

This knowledge is more than enough for California state government leaders to remind the U.S. government that it was constituted to serve the states and that the 9/11 false flag and its ensuing policies are a very poor way—at best—to accomplish that. They have compelling reasons to denounce 9/11 and request an immediate and unconditional end to the post-9/11 policies. Their lack of action is hard to understand, given the chronic financial quagmire of the California state government that they keep lamenting.

The governments of other states do not have the benefit of numerous civil engineers on their payrolls. But even assuming that their own staff would not spontaneously question 9/11, 9/11 Truth is so widespread that their public servants inevitably run into it regularly through their contacts with the general public. Many of them must have become truth-seekers. We are back to the situation of California, with a significant number of state government workers aware that 9/11 was a false flag. It is hard to believe that some of these workers would not somehow convey what they know to their leaders.

Keeping in mind that demonstrating the demolitions of the twin towers and their cover-up is intellectually trivial, it appears that leaders of all state governments are probably aware of the 9/11 cover-up but have decided to ignore it.

3.8           Foreign Governments Have Failed to Bark

Foreign governments have also essentially embraced the official 9/11 myth. Curiously, even so-called “rogue” governments and potentates, who supposedly are in the U.S. government's cross-hairs, are not afraid of lying, and have a vested interest in precipitating a huge political crisis in Washington, have toed the official 9/11 line. It is remarkable that leaders such as Chávez in Venezuela, Castro in Cuba and Ahmadinejad in Iran have made statements along the lines of 9/11 Truth, but with debilitating limitations:

“Enemy” governments have not fared better than “rogue” governments:

Another government with an exceptional interest in denouncing 9/11 was Israel's. Israelis have been the targets of so many terror attacks that the colorful information that the most brazen, powerful, and successful terrorists in history were at least tolerated and protected by U.S. authorities ought to raise extreme concerns in their leaders' minds:

The ironic counterpoint to the Israeli government's ignorance of 9/11 has been that of their supposed archrivals, the Palestinian authorities. As of 2011-March, West Bank and Gaza leaders keep complaining of excessively heavy-handed and needlessly oppressive Israeli policies and tactics. They have found many receptive ears in the western public opinion, even in the USA. It is highly evident that Palestinian leaders, not unlike Saddam Hussein or Ahmadinejad, could reap great personal advantages and cause the Israeli government and its U.S. protectors much grief by publishing the underlying facts of 9/11, starting by something as elementary as embedding on their web a couple of videos of the World Trade Center demolitions with straightforward comments.

In conclusion, it would appear that foreign governments, irrespective of the considerable advantages they and their populations could gain from spilling the 9/11 beans, have preferred the status quo.

3.9           The Media Have Failed to Bark

The New York Times was arguably best positioned to denounce the 9/11 false flag. As one of the largest newspapers in the USA and with a readership that was generally well educated, unsympathetic to the neocons, and highly emotionally tied to the 9/11 terror attacks, it stood to gain much.

To its credit, the New York Times did report suspicious details of 9/11:

But the New York Times failed to request further investigations into these technical mysteries and into the root cause of the firemen’s recollections. Worse, when the final official technical investigations failed to even mention this evidence, it did not react.

Mainstream U.S. media has not picked up the New York Times’ slack. Major newspapers and major TV networks have dutifully parroted the official 9/11 myth without question. Reports on 9/11 Truth have been very rare, and almost always hit pieces against 9/11 truth-seekers. Liberal media’s contribution to the censorship has been of vital importance, as many truth-seekers have reported that they originally dismissed 9/11 Truth because “if 9/11 was a false flag the liberal media would have pummeled Bush with it.” Exceptions have been very few, for instance Reuter's 2010-Sep-9 press release matter-of-factly describing three new organizations of professionals dedicated to 9/11 Truth

A laughable and blatant instance of censorship took place on 2010-Sep-11 in New York. The powers that be remembered 9/11 by aiming 2 large blue beams at the sky from the spots where the twin towers used to stand. 9/11 Truth activists powered a 3rd beam from the former spot of Building 7. They also organized a quick campaign to call the local media, pretend to not know much, and ask what the 3rd beam stood for. They reported that most agents who took their calls gave them the truthful answer that it was for the 3rd skyscraper that fell on 9/11. Yet the same media, evidently per some top-down censorship, went to great lengths to not publish pictures or movie clips that would show the 3 beams together.

Foreign western mainstream media have been more open to 9/11 Truth, but hardly so. Every few months, some major western outfit publishes a piece on 9/11 Truth. Some of these have been moderately informative, divulging the existence of U.S. dissidents while refraining from affirming that these dissidents are correct. However, most have been derogatory. Some have cleverly used the “underdog nationalistic” argument that U.S. people harbor an instinctive and baseless skepticism against their government due to historical reasons and extremist rhetoric, implying that their own audience is wise enough to not fall into that trap. A notable exception was the one-time publication by several European media of the discovery of nanothermite in the 9/11 dust in 2009. However, there was no follow up, not even to even wonder why earlier official investigations failed to identify the nanothermite.

Non-western media have been more open, but have still treated 9/11 Truth as a marginal subject. Media in Islamic countries have now and then published a piece casting doubt on the official myth, especially on the anniversaries of 9/11. But they have systematically failed to provide as straightforward information as the self-explanatory chart card for the twin tower’s demolition available at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (here as of 2010-Sep). For instance, on Sunday 2010-Sep-12, the self-proclaimed largest independent Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm published an article entitled “Nine years on, 9/11 questions linger.” They presented observations and speculations that assuredly would not make their way to any "respectable" U.S. newspaper. However, they provided almost no reference for their sources of information, even though 9/11 Truth leaders and their works are readily identifiable. They only glossed over the twin towers’ demolitions, briefly alluding to substantiated disagreements with the official story. By contrast, they devoted about one third of their article to the issue—which was sure to hit a raw nerve and inflame passions in Egypt—of the Israeli role in 9/11. A discerning reader could wonder whether it was a coincidence or a conspiracy that the first on-line comment came from a debunker and sent the readers to a single web site that countered most of the article’s allegations. Had Al-Masry Al-Youm designed this article to empathically placate the readers who were well aware of 9/11 Truth and steer them towards resenting Israel, they would have done a good job. Keeping in mind the Arab public’s good awareness of 9/11’s true nature, one will wonder whether Al-Masry Al-Youm’s editors wanted to truly educate their readers or rather distract them from 9/11.

3.10     The Internet Exception

The notable exception to the above-mentioned media blackout is the newest medium: the Internet. Independent—and often self-made—reporters, experts and analysts have provided—often at no charge—considerable information on the 9/11 false flag, its cover-up and its censorship. In fact, if it was not for the availability of 9/11-related information on the web, 9/11 awareness would probably be the privilege of a very small segment of the population apart from the 9/11 conspirators themselves.

Ironically, the first 9/11 dissidents who made a name for themselves on the web came from politically marginal groups who harbored a deep mistrust of the U.S. government and mainstream institutions (see section 3.2).

3.11     Corporations Have Failed to Bark

Many corporations directly exploit the public policies 9/11 gave birth to: private armies, military contractors, security companies, manufacturers of security and surveillance equipment. Others benefit from neocon-inspired economic policies of deregulation, tax reduction, job exportation, de-unionization, corporate fraud immunity, etc. It could be understood that their interests would call them to preserve the integrity of the official 9/11 myth.

However, it is not difficult to find corporations that suffer from the post-9/11 policies:

These corporations—and the trade organizations they belong to—would stand to gain greatly from denouncing the 9/11 false flag and advocating the immediate cancellation of the wars and other 9/11-induced policies. It is remarkable that their leaders have acted against their owners’ and shareholders’ best financial interests by ignoring 9/11 Truth.

3.12     Scholars and Professionals Have Failed to Bark

Civil and structural Engineers will easily identify a controlled demolition. Assuming that many would have been blinded by the 9/11 cover-up, a few would nonetheless have realized the reality of the twin towers’ demolitions. As they would interact with colleagues within the scope of their professional associations, it is likely that the topic of the official explanation’s inaccuracy would come up.

In this light, it is mind-boggling that the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) not only did not denounce the 9/11 cover-up, but took an active part in it. Notorious was its video representation of the structural damage of the Pentagon, where Dave von Kleist and others have exposed signs of obvious falsification.

Similarly, controlled demolition companies would unmistakably recognize their colleagues’ work. Yet they have generally stayed mum on the three 9/11 demolitions. One of the few professional demolitionists to recognize Building 7’s demolition was Danny Jowenko. Remarkably, he worked in Holland and had no prior knowledge of Building 7 when he was shown its video.

Scientific journals have published articles of dubious scientific value on the destruction of the twin towers. Most notable have been a few papers by Northwesten University civil engineering and material science professor Bažant and others that purport to illustrate how the top of each twin tower could crush the body of the tower and itself, in a challenge to middle school-level scientific knowledge. At the same time, truth-seeking scientists have complained that the same journals systematically reject their articles, often for reasons that appear more like pretexts, and at times request that they water down their contents. Usually, such a publication will be followed—at times in the same edition of the same journal—by a rebuttal that favors the official lie. For instance, the ASCE took 2 years to publish, in 2010, a trivial criticism by Björkman of the above-mentioned Bažant et al. paper. Hold and behold, the same edition of their journal included a rebuttal by Bažant et al., pompously stating that attacking their work without referring to the fundamental equations of motion was invalid and cleverly inserting misleading and outright false information.

Liberal leaders blasted the Bush administration for waging a “war on science” focused on astronomy, biology, sexuality, and Climate Change. The same leaders omitted that the scope of this war on science included kinetics, thermodynamics and chemistry, and that it was slated to continue unabated under Bush’s successors.

Psychologists and sociologists ought to be very concerned at the cover-up and the censorship of 9/11, especially given the ensuing policies’ devastating impact on individual and collective mental health. Yet, although some have spoken up individually, their professional associations have failed to denounce 9/11. Cynics would observe that the post-9/11 collective fear has brought business to clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.

Lawyers ought to be outraged at the negligence that marred the investigations into 9/11 and the numerous legal shortcuts—to put it mildly—that the Bush administration pioneered as it deliberately circumvented numerous legal and constitutional obligations in the name of its “war on terror.” Yet, even though many legal associations and legal scholars have sternly criticized Bush and Obama for criminally subverting the laws they swore to obey under the pretext of preventing another 9/11, precious few of them have denounced the 9/11 false flag and its cover-up. Lawyers for 9/11 Truth counts very few members compared to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and as of 2010-Nov they take virtually no action apart from maintaining on the web a list of a few dozen lawyers who ask for a thorough 9/11 investigation. To make things worse, several lawyers who have apparently tried to elicit 9/11 justice have been accused of covertly subverting it.

University professors have a reputation of independence. Once tenured, they are supposedly unfirable. Yet civil engineering faculties have also failed to denounce the 9/11 cover-up. Videos have been recorded of civil engineering professors avoiding or obfuscating questions by 9/11 truth-seekers. Scholars in psychology, sociology, journalism, and law have also essentially ignored 9/11.

3.13     Religious Watchdogs Have Failed to Bark

The 9/11 false flag fully qualifies as an act of evil. So do its cover-up, its censorship, and the policies it engendered. If evil spirits exist and observe human activity, they must have celebrated 9/11 with champagne. Behold the sick joke of Hitler’s soul congratulating Prescott Bush’s because 9/11 beats the Reichstag fire. In fact, any reasonable individual who believes in the existence of demons will view 9/11 as demonic. Few events would deserve this label better than the morbidly spectacular murder of 3,000 innocent civilians for the purpose of launching worldwide fear, war, repression and misery.

At its inception, Christianity was largely a spiritual answer to the Roman Empire’s ruthless oppression against the Palestinian Jews. Modern historians have brought us a picture of the Roman empire reminiscent of our contemporary corporate raiders: the Roman army would invade a territory, install a puppet government, and tax this government—which in turn would tax the population—so as to get a good return on their investment—the costs of the invasion and of the occupation. This clever process would fuel the Roman Empire’s continuous expansion and prosperity. Ordinary Palestinian Jews were painfully aware of this. A few years before Jesus’ alleged birth, the Roman legions crushed a revolt by publicly crucifying 2,000 of its leaders. Some time after Jesus’ death, as the Palestinians failed to come up with the required taxes, the Roman rulers collected the difference by enslaving enough of them to make up for the missing amount. It is largely believed that one reason for Christianity’s expansion among Palestinian Jews was its unique relevance to a population living under a harsh foreign military occupation. In fact, religious scholars have flagged many precepts of the New Testament as well suited to the religious needs of the lower social, political and economic strata in a careless society, making even modern Christianity a religion of choice for the oppressed.

Given Christianity’s incubation as an anti-imperialistic religion, one would expect Christians to overwhelmingly oppose the post-9/11 U.S. foreign policies, which in many respects mirror those of ancient Rome: “we’ll invade your country, give its natural resources and transportation corridors to our corporations for our trouble, and ruthlessly crush your opposition.” As such, Christian leaders ought to be eager to explore allegations that 9/11 could be a false flag. Yet to this date, even though many individual Christians, including some ministers, have embraced 9/11 Truth on account of their faith, Christian leaders and scholars have ignored—at best—9/11 Truth. From the Vatican to liberal denominations to fundamentalist denominations, no Christian organization has questioned the official 9/11 myth.

One notable exception to this rule has been theology professor emeritus David Ray Griffin, who turned into a leading 9/11 scholar. One of his books specifically attempted to wake up the Christian community to 9/11: “Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: a Call to Reflection and Action.” Alas, Christian leaders essentially ignored it, except for distancing themselves from it. As of 2010-Dec, a search for the book on the publisher's web returns nothing.

9/11-induced policies have hit Muslims disproportionately:

Against this ominous backdrop, Muslim leaders would be expected to embrace 9/11 Truth. Against all odds, they have instead trumpeted the mantra that “the 9/11 terrorists were Muslims, but true Muslims don’t terrorize.” The fact that ordinary Muslims, in the West and in Muslim countries alike, are much more aware of the true nature of 9/11 than non-westerners and non-Muslims, adds another touch if irony to this fascinating twist of the 9/11 censorship.

In 2010, the 9/11 Truth movement experienced a crescendo of accusations that the Israeli secret service, known as Mossad, would be the prime author of 9/11 and that many prominent Jews would be involved in the cover-up and the censorship of 9/11 (see also 3.8). Jewish organizations ought to be extremely concerned that should the 9/11 censorship be overwhelmed—or purposely lifted—and should the Mossad’s responsibility be widely publicized, they could suffer a tremendous backlash, possibly condemning Jews to the second-class status Christian societies traditionally confined them to. Yet Jewish organizations have largely toed the official “Osama bin Laden’s fanatics did it” line.

Other religions have not been more open to the fact that 9/11 was a poorly covered false flag.

This claimed ignorance of 9/11’s true nature contrasts with the protests of countless religious outfits on a large number of issues, including 9/11-inspired policies such as wars, unconditional U.S. support for Israeli policies, interfaith misunderstandings, political and religious repression, growing domestic poverty, inaction on global ecological problems, etc.

3.14     Unions Have Failed to Bark

It would be hard to find a single neocon idea that labor unions would support. Indeed, organized labor was hostile to just about every Bush policy, written or unwritten:

As a side-note, section 6.5 provides a new light on this.

Against this backdrop, it would seem unbelievable that labor unions would not exploit the slightest discrepancy in the official 9/11 story in a desperate attempt to discredit or attenuate the clout of their political nemesis. Yet unions have essentially embraced the 9/11 myth and actively clamped down on internal dissenting voices such as Kevin Bracken's in Australia in 2010.

This is particularly egregious in the case of firefighters’ unions. After all, over 200 of their members were summarily executed in the twin towers. Their unions’ failure to scream for justice is nothing short of scandalous.

Furthermore, tens of thousands of rescue workers worked feverishly on 9/11 and in the following days in a desperate attempt to rescue survivors from the twin towers. These individuals unknowingly did what nobody is believed to have done ever before: they breathed controlled demolition residues. Indeed, a regular controlled demolition takes place only after the area has been evacuated and the clean-up crew enters the neighboring area only after the gases have gone and the powder has settled down. As a result of breathing the demolition’s by-products, rescue workers have been afflicted by poorly understood diseases. As of 2010-Sep, over 900 have died, over 60,000 are sick, and many of them are financially broke from the double whammy of being unable to work and being unable to pay for extremely expensive yet often poorly effective medical care.

To their credit, some unions have adopted the cause of the dire medical and financial condition of the first responders, but none has tracked the problem back to its root and squarely denounced the fact that people in position of high authority knew that the first responders would encounter no survivors and would needlessly expose themselves to yet unknown diseases.

3.15     Human and Civil Rights Groups Have Failed to Bark

The average U.S. liberal typically associates the phrase “civil rights” with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The ACLU emphasizes an interpretation of the U.S. constitution that uncompromisingly favors the individual, occasionally taking positions that offend part of its liberal base. It is common knowledge that if 20 gang leaders were found dead in Manhattan and if there was a reason to suspect that the NY Police Department’s investigation into this crime was a cover-up, the ACLU would mount a forceful campaign to denounce its shortcomings and request corrective action. However, the ACLU has gone to great lengths to ignore the barely camouflaged arbitrary execution of 2,000+ reputable individuals in the twin towers on 9/11. The ACLU did not even denounce the summary destruction of 9/11’s forensic evidence and the consensus within the U.S. government as a whole to conduct no criminal investigation while rushing to war in Afghanistan.

Another prominent watchdog that “saw no evil” on 9/11 is Amnesty International (AI). AI has built, over their few decades of existence, an unmatched reputation for independence and impartiality, which probably contributed to propel it to the status of a highly respected—and feared—human rights watchdog. It vividly illustrlated this in the 1980’s, as it almost single-handedly protested publicly the revival of the death penalty in the USA against a very contrary and hostile public opinion. AI has systematically reviewed each case of imminent legal execution in the USA, looking for particular grounds to request that the execution be stayed or the death sentence commuted, apart from the human right to life it systematically invokes, no matter how convincingly the specifics of the crime may justify an execution. AI also systematically and aggressively pursues leads of extrajudicial executions worldwide. Yet when it came to 9/11, it ignored the innumerable clues—starting on the very day of 9/11—that 9/11 was a set of 3,000 barely hidden extrajudicial executions of honorable individuals. This is hard to excuse, for its research staff is reputed to comb through just about every source of information there is.

From the standpoint of the average liberal, leftist, compassionate, intelligent follower of the ACLU or AI, the conclusion is self-evident: if there was a remote possibility that 9/11 would be a false flag, the ACLU or AI would have raised hell.

Ironically, the ACLU, Amnesty International and just about every watchdog of the judicial liberal vein ignored 9/11—most probably deliberately—but jumped on the bandwagon of protesting the infamous Patriot Act, conveniently sending their members and supporters on an open-ended campaign against Bush’s legal and constitutional abuses and distracting them from the real problem. They would also, in unison, protest the scandal of hundreds of indefinite detentions in the Guantánamo military base with no judicial oversight and criticize specifics of the kangaroo courts some of the detainees were processed through. However, they never deplored the defense attorneys’ inexcusable failure to produce the overwhelming evidence that would straightforwardly undermine the alleged connection between Islamic fanatics and the structural failures of the twin towers. Appeals to correct these egregious mistakes have been generally ignored or given canned answers along the lines of “send us your information” or “I’ve reviewed 9/11 Truth and it’s not convincing.”

On the right/conservative side of the U.S. political arena, the picture is hardly brighter. For instance, the National Rifle Association (NRA), which assertively promotes individual rights to own and bear loaded firearms, has protested the abuse of the fear of terrorism to restrict access to weapons—for instance U.S. Sen. Lautenberg’s 2009 “Terror Watch List” bill aimed at people “deemed to be suspected dangerous terrorists”—but has failed to notify its members that the 9/11 false flag demonstrates the terrorist threat to be a boogeyman and also suggests that the very real problem of criminality in the USA, which gun control advocates keep throwing at the NRA, is at least partly engineered (see section 5.2).

3.16     Peace Groups Have Failed to Bark

Peace groups of many kinds aggressively oppose the 9/11-justified wars. Yet the large majority of them somehow “forget” the premises of these wars.

For instance, as of 2010, anti-war leaders exhort their followers to ask Obama to end his war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and justify this request with countless reasons. Yet they miss the most fundamental one, namely that the Bush administration went to war frivolously, without even giving the Afghan government a chance to initiate judicial proceedings against Osama bin Laden (see section 3.8).

Similarly, peace groups and congressional Democrats made a big deal of Bush’s alleged lies regarding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. But this political posturing conveniently contributed to erasing from the public’s memory the fact that in 2003 Saddam’s purported weapons of mass destruction, on their own merits, were not an urgent concern to the U.S. population. They would certainly represent a threat to Iran, to Israel, to Europe, but their direct threat to the United States could be demonstrated only through Osama's logistical means to smuggle them into mainland U.S. territory as proven by the official 9/11 narrative. In other words, the rationale for the Iraq war was double-pronged: Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and Osama could deliver them through his 9/11 logistics. Without 9/11, the justification for the Iraq war would crumble. Keeping in mind that the Bush administration had to go through lengthy political maneuvering before being able to launch the Iraq war, it is likely that the absence of 9/11 would have made it impossible.

Yet, as of 2010-Oct, with very few small-scale exceptions—such as Veterans for 9/11 Truth and Cindy Sheehan—the peace movement has ignored 9/11 Truth. Some prominent peace leaders, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor emeritus Noam Chomsky, are actually among its most rabid opponents. As of 2010, Chomsky was reported to state that he would review 9/11 Truth only after some MIT structural engineering professor would communicate to him that the twin towers were demolished. Knowing that the average high school kid will understand the demonstration of the twin towers’ demolitions, Chomsky’s challenge is tantamount to confessing that he knows 9/11 to be a false flag but will wait for others to denounce it. In 2010-Nov, PressTV reported that Chomsky stated that "the Taliban [...] requested evidence…and the Bush administration refused to provide any [because] they did not have any." However, he stopped way short of going to the logical end of his reasoning, affirming instead that the FBI "believed that the plot may have been hatched in Afghanistan, but was probably implemented in the United Arab Emirates and Germany." This disingenuous statement could easily be interpreted as a damage-control tactic in the wake of David Ray Griffin's 2010-June essay on the illegality of the Afghan war based on the reality of 9/11.

Peace leaders’ failure to speak up on 9/11 adds another tricky piece to the puzzle of the 9/11 censorship. Since 9/11 Truth is by far the surest and quickest way to summarily cancel the post-9/11 wars and since 9/11 Truth holds the promise of preventing future false flags and therefore future wars, its benefit to the peace movement is self-evident. Chomsky and other peace leaders’ concerted efforts to steer their followers away from 9/11 Truth and send them on a wild goose chase behind a multitude of issues that 9/11 Truth would nullify are baffling.

3.17     Guerillas and Terrorists Have Failed to Bark

Overlooked in the mysteries surrounding 9/11 has been terrorist groups' very real failure to leverage 9/11 Truth. By publishing the U.S. government's resort to morbid and spectacular violence for the evil purpose of fomenting war, they would legitimize their use of the same on a much lower scale and for the laudable purpose of correcting real or perceived social or political injustice.

For example, over the past decade (as of 2010), the Colombian FARC have been widely vilified as a ruthless and egoistic gang of bandits thriving off extortion under penalty of death, kidnapping for ransom, and drug commerce. 9/11 Truth gave them a golden opportunity to contrast their armed struggle purportedly aimed at the very real repression directed against Colombian socialist  leaders with the U.S. government's execution of 9/11 for the sake of open-ended war. Yet the FARC evidently have preferred to endure public hostility rather than spill the 9/11 beans. How the leaders of FARC and countless other terrorist and guerilla organizations took the self-defeating decision to keep to themselves the specifics of 9/11 is assuredly one of the most puzzling questions raised by 9/11. Of course, a tempting answer would be that the same outfit that organized something as big as 9/11 could pull major strings within the FARC and other terrorist organizations. Sections 5 and 6 bring evidence supporting this theory.

Most surprising has been the denial of 9/11 by supporters of Islamic terror. "Jihadists" of all kinds have suffered a tremendously bad press in the wake of 9/11, including among many Muslims who would support violence within "reasonable" limits. Yet some of them are occasionally reported to brag about 9/11, such as Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi on 2011-Feb-5.

3.18     From a Sloppy Cover-up to a Huge War

Subsection 3.1 reminded us how poorly the 9/11 false flag was covered up. Following subsections explored different aspects of the ensuing censorship. They established that just about every outfit or watchdog of importance that would have a vested interest in denouncing the 9/11 false flag or its cover-up has failed to do so. Since the cover-up was so evident and so amateurish, it stands to reason that these watchdogs’ failures to bark were intentional. In other words, the watchdogs were largely aware that 9/11 was a false flag but went along with the cover-up instead of proclaiming the truth, helping the public see through the official lie, and taking their part in unraveling what would have turned into a scandal of historical proportions. In a nutshell, the watchdogs censored 9/11.

Consequently, even though the U.S. government did a sloppy job of covering up the 9/11 false flag, the public essentially accepted the official 9/11 myth. Without this tight censorship by leaders and outfits who would ostensibly abhor the post-9/11 policies, the 9/11 false flag would have fallen flat, Bush and his aides would have resigned in disgrace, the entire upper crust of the U.S. government would have been wiped out, and the human community would have been spared a decade of gratuitous suffering. Instead, the watchdogs made up for the poor cover-up and knowingly allowed the infamous post-9/11 policies.

Summarizing the above, we are rediscovering antique Greek scholar Aeschylus' aphorism that “in war, the first casualty is truth:”

The most logical next step is for 9/11 truth-seekers to borrow a page from the quality textbook of Japanese corporations:

The next section proposes to accomplish precisely that.

4         The 9/11 Censorship

4.1           Spontaneity versus Coordination

The 9/11 censorship, as seen above, has been tight, worldwide, enduring, has encompassed just about every entity that would have been expected to denounce the 9/11 false flag and its cover-up, and has cut across all traditional intra-human boundaries: territorial, ideological, religious, linguistic, economic, moral, legal, etc.

The 9/11 censorship has been tighter in the West, especially in the USA.

The 9/11 censorship has 2 major components:

This similar behavior among highly dissimilar watchdogs raises the question as to how they all got to censor 9/11 in lockstep. One possible explanation is that they spontaneously made the same decision and adopted the same policy regarding 9/11, independently of each other. However, this is hard to believe:

For these obvious reasons, the hypothesis of spontaneous censorship is highly unlikely and deserves no further consideration. This leads us to the alternative explanation that postulates some deliberate coordination between these outfits as far as the 9/11 censorship is concerned. Some single entity would have convinced these organizations to censor 9/11. This hypothesis raises its own lot of enigmatic objections:

This second hypothesis looks incredible on its face, but is worth exploring, starting by reviewing which international outfits could provide a cover to that central organization.

4.2           Powerful International Organizations

The international community of nations has put in place several powerful outfits with a worldwide reach, for instance the United Nations, the World Bank, Interpol, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization. There also exists a whole assortment of less-known worldwide organizations set up by treaties for sundry purposes, such as international air travel, international mail, or worldwide operation and safety of portable computers. Many of these organizations have legal power to force individual nations to adopt specific measures in their areas of competence.

Could it be that the 9/11 censors somehow infiltrated or co-opted some of these worldwide organizations? Since they were able to infiltrate and control a multitude of U.S. agencies to allow—if not perpetrate—the false flag and to cover it up, it stands to reason that they were able to infiltrate and control some of these worldwide outfits as well. After all, a group capable of infiltrating the U.S. government may be quite capable of infiltrating the United Nations, and a group capable of infiltrating the FBI may be quite capable of infiltrating Interpol. As such, these worldwide organizations’ internal communication capabilities and personal networks may have been put at the service of the global 9/11 censorship.

Nations have also put in place numerous regional, continental, and affinity-based international and supranational organizations. Many of them have military and law enforcement capabilities, for instance NATO, a military alliance of Western countries dominated by the United States. Since the 9/11 conspirators obtained the compliance of the U.S. Air Force and of the U.S. military-controlled nanothermite procurement system in the execution of 9/11, it is not impossible that the 9/11 censors enrolled NATO too. The impact of regional and affinity-based organizations on the 9/11 censorship cannot be underestimated, for they often provide tighter bonds and have more authority than worldwide organizations.

There also exist less formal yet highly influential global outfits, such as the G-20, a gathering of political leaders of the most powerful nations, which often comes up with some common decisions. With the G-20 leaders demonstrably on board of the 9/11 censorship, it is plausible that while they hold their informal meetings on their public agenda, some of their aides would discuss specifics of the 9/11 censorship in separate meetings.

The Bilderberg Group is a very discreet club of the international Who’s Who of politics and finance. Strangely, mainstream media have hardly ever reported on it. Not even paparazzi approach it. This has given birth to many conspiracy theories, up to equating the Bilderberg Group with an actual “global government.” Without going that far and keeping in mind that the Bilderberg members undoubtedly know 9/11 to be a poorly covered false flag, it cannot be discarded that some communications related to its censorship would use the Bilderberg meetings and relationships as a conduit.

The Roman Catholic Church has a worldwide presence. It enjoys some secrecy privileges in many countries as well a highly centralized power hub in Rome, making it conceivable for a single office to dispatch worldwide communications related to the 9/11 censorship.

In the late 20th century, numerous corporations, including small ones, have gone multinational. Corporations are generally more moral than governments, as many people familiar with both public and private working methods have attested. As such, corrupting workers in the private sector is often harder than in the public sector. However, the use of multinationals by the 9/11 censors cannot be discarded:

The 20th century also saw the birth of many international grassroots organizations, many of them for arguably laudable purposes: Amnesty International, GreenPeace, etc. Like multinational corporations, they have their own nimble international communication systems, some of whichespecially with informantsare kept confidential from the outside world, and they tend to exercise minimal control over their members—not unlike corporations—because they trust them to operate in line with their mission. It stands to reason that they may provide a convenient cover for some international communications related to the 9/11 censorship.

Last but not least, since the 9/11 false flag, its cover-up and its censorship were criminal acts, it is highly possible that the 9/11 conspirators and the 9/11 censors used the services of international criminal organizations:

4.3           The International Cover of the 9/11 Censorship

The previous section outlines a broad array of organizations (literally hundreds of them) that could be infiltrated by the 9/11 censors to carry international messages to promote, organize, maintain and correct the 9/11 censorship.

Which of these organizations have been used by the 9/11 censors is unknown. What is obvious, though, is that the 9/11 censors may have been able to infiltrate and use resources from several of them, and that they could pick between a large number of highly dissimilar outfits.

Such an infiltration of existing multinational organizations would complement the infiltration of national and local outfits that the 9/11 censors obviously accomplished. It would allow some cross-border coordination of activities and give the censorship its global cement. If the infiltration covered organizations of different—and possibly opposite—inclinations, it would also make the censorship tighter and more homogeneous.

We are putting together a model for the 9/11 censorship that relies on a large number of individuals with highly differentiated backgrounds, worldwide, linked by a web of personal or professional affinities. These relationships are extremely diverse, cut across all traditional boundaries, and link people who often publicly oppose each other. This raises the objection that this web of censorship would be naturally improvised, that many of its links would be shaky, and that information would inevitably leak.

4.4           Leaks and Plumbing, Ongoing

It is reasonable to expect leaks from the global 9/11 web of censorship as outlined in the previous subsection. Keeping tens of thousands of outfits permanently censored is a daunting task. “Stealth” censorship is a very delicate business. Censored information would inevitably leak. This raises the question as to how the 9/11 censors would plug their leaks.

Let us tackle this question from the perspective of the 9/11 censors and assume that some institution leaks a piece of censored information on 9/11. For instance, a regional newspaper with a circulation of 100,000 publishes an objective piece on the local 9/11 Truth group.

How will the 9/11 censors be aware of this? This question is self-answering. Since so little objective information is ever published on 9/11, 9/11 Truth web sites will rush to alert their readers to the leak. So simply monitoring 9/11 Truth webs gives the 9/11 censors timely information on their latest problem. This saves them the trouble of putting in place and maintaining a complex network of monitors.

Once the 9/11 censors are aware of the leak, their next logical step is to analyze it and determine if it hints at a problem worth addressing. Assuming they answer affirmatively, they logically identify who can take corrective action to stop the leak and reinforce the 9/11censorship at the leaking spot. The corrective action will usually be to turn a specific individual—in the above example a logical choice could be the newspaper’s editor—into a 9/11 censor and absorb her/him intto the censorship’s web.

The most effective way to plug a leak is to call a plumber. A 9/11 plumber would be a 9/11 censor—i.e. an individual who knows 9/11 to be a false flag but knowingly promotes the official myth and actively works against 9/11 Truth—with the will and capability to “plumb the leaker,” i.e. reach out to her/him and turn her/him into a fellow censor. The typical plumber will be somebody whom the leaker will respect. The plumber will discreetly let the leaker know that (s)he made a mistake and that (s)he should not repeat it. The substance of the communication could take many forms: advice, warning, threat, blackmail, or retaliation. Coercive methods are not abstract at all, since the plumber could easily and gently point to verifiable coincidences that bear the marks of retaliation for leaking 9/11 information, for instance:

The plumbing could use several stages of persuasion, possibly with different plumbers. Pursuing the above example of a newspaper editor, the first plumber may be the editor of a similarly-sized paper in a neighboring area, who will gently state that other colleagues have gotten into much trouble for reporting on 9/11. Should (s)he not manage to plumb the editor, some international prostitute dealer who happens to be doing some business in the area may put on a suit, corner the editor in a public parking lot, and proffer a veiled threat. The end effect will be a fresh additional node (censor) in the 9/11 censorship’s web with an operational and tested link to one or more plumbers. As time and opportunity allow, other censors may develop 9/11-based relationships with this individual, reinforcing and securing this node's reliability within the web.

Assuming this process of censors plumbing leakers would be in place, could it be identified? Would there be evidence of leaks and plumbing?

As a matter of fact, a 9/11 leak takes place now and then, as some VIP makes a statement or some mainstream media outlet publishes a piece that undermines confidence in the official 9/11 myth. But the leaker almost never follows up. The VIP usually does not repeat or comment on the statement, and the media outlet usually does not follow up with another article on 9/11, not even with an apology for publishing it. This is consistent with the above-mentioned process by which the VIP or some important decision-maker within the organization received a communication that has made her/him understand that the leak was an error that and that a repetition will elicit adverse consequences.

Organizations and VIPs who have defended 9/11 Truth in spite of objections have received strong incentives to stop. Some pressure has been public. Some have been insidious, typically through some professional blacklisting. For instance, in 2010, Prison Planet reported that the liberal Other Worlds had suddenly decided to refuse to publish Project Censored's stories related to 9/11.

In summary, the one-time nature of most 9/11 leaks is consistent with the existence of a swift plumbing process supported by a self-healing web-like network of censors and plumbers.

4.5           Plumbing through Spiritual Perversion

One little-understood, essentially unknown, and mostly taboo, tool of the 9/11 plumbing process is spiritual. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) built, prior to 9/11, a unit of parapsychology for the express purpose of harassing through sorcery—aka witchcraft or black magic—individuals who may betray the 9/11 censorship and other dissidents. I shall publish details on this in the future (as of 2011-March, I plan to do this around 2011-May) at www.Know-Reason-Love.com. In the meantime, here is a sketch of this very important component of the 9/11 censorship.

Many 9/11 truth-seekers and other U.S. dissidents have claimed that they were persecuted with exotic weapons based on electromagnetic radiation. Without denying the existence and use of such devices, I affirm that some of these instances of persecution involved sorcery instead.

DoD’s sorcery program uses the services of professional sorcerers. Sorcerers are immoral spiritual healers, who defraud spirituality and its telepathic capabilities into conveying fear instead of love and provoking suffering instead of healing. They work in teams of about 10, providing redundancy in case some of them inadvertently hit a powerful spiritual healer who promptly realigns them with the Divine purpose.

These sorcerers operate in secret quarters, under the command of senior sergeants and junior officers who report to a senior officer. This senior officer (major or colonel) has the power of extrajudicial execution over the sorcerers.

These sorcerers augment their powers with electronic devices: PCs and chains of analog machines such as head electrodes, vinyl disks, tapes, assorted players and recorders, analog amplifiers, waveguides, antennae, and even satellites. They easily direct their spells onto a particular individual armed with minimal information on her/him—e.g. "whoever is thinking that the twin towers' explosions came from the considerable work on their infrastructure leading up to 9/11," or “whoever viewed and liked Gage's 'Blueprint for Truth' movie' over the last 3 hours in the Sidney area,” or “any publishing agent who will view favorably the idea of publishing Griffin’s book on Building 7.” The victim perceives the spell as some sudden discomfort, and perhaps a disease with unusual symptoms that have appeared with no warning. The sorcerer modulates the spell up and down at will, from mental unease to amplification of existing pains, symptoms of a heart attack, physical incapacitation, and even death.

A sorcerer who works “one to one” on a victim can also communicate through telepathy, monitoring the victim’s thoughts and sending the suggestion that (s)he is being punished for them. The victim may gullibly take this as a Divine intervention, make a mental promise to correct her/his subversive ideas, and confirm her/his 9/11 faithkeeping promise once the spell stops.

Western medicine is mostly impotent against sorcery. Medical personnel treat symptoms and may even get uncomfortable themselves through “spiritual contagion.” If the victim is treated by a physician or a nurse who happens to double as a spiritual healer, (s)he receives alleviation, often accompanied with an interview on what (s)he did or thought that could bother powerful people and with an admonition to not repeat this provocation.

DoD has also engineered automatic spells, which attack people the moment they formulate specific statements or even thoughts. These can be as simple as acknowledging the value of a dissident web page.

A few weeks ahead of 9/11—perhaps coinciding with the privatization of the twin towers and the probable launch of the final and intense push for pre-demolition preparations—DoD sorcerers broadcasted widely the telepathic message that the twin towers were coming down, hence the large number of people who reported premonitions of their destruction. Their activity contributed to the wide acceptance of the official 9/11 myth.

Incidentally, professional psychics who boast premonition of the twin towers’ disasters without affirming that 9/11 was a false flag are de facto censors, for it is child’s play for them to figure the source of their telepathic information. Similarly, mainstream institutes of parapsychology have made themselves 9/11 censors for failing to divulge to the public not only the true nature of 9/11 but also the sorcery programs exposed here.

In the days around 9/11, as senior U.S. military officers briefed a large number of congress(wo)men on the reality of 9/11, these sorcerers assisted them in the background, coercing congress(wo)men into embracing the official narrative, constantly monitoring their thoughts, and occasionally sending them a spell to keep them in line. It bears mentioning that neocons were not spared in the process and got their share of telepathic intimidation.

In the months following 9/11, the same program was used to broadcast fear. It contributed to the statistically reported increased rate in psychological and heart trouble in the United States.

DoD sorcerers have also targeted would-be 9/11 witnesses. They may claim credit for letting only one witnessSteve Forbes—slip through their net, reach out to the 9/11 truth-seeking community, and report to the whole world the abnormally intense pre-9/11 infrastructure work in the twin towers.

The actual size and the specifics of this program are unknown, but it has been a very important component of the 9/11 censorship. As such, many VIPs could and should invoke the mitigating circumstance that they were coerced by unconventional yet highly effective means—arbitrary remote harassment and torture with no legal recourse—into assuming the role of 9/11 censors, defending the official 9/11 myth and dismissing 9/11 truth-seeking. This calls for side-notes:

9/11 truth-seekers who have personally confronted 9/11 censors, especially liberal and leftist ones, have sometimes reported that they showed visible signs of fear or discomfort during their encounters. This strange reaction could be due to a recollection of some dreadful spiritual punishment for merely empathizing with 9/11 Truth.

After the 9/11 censorship blows open, contrary to the retaliatory logic many 9/11 truth-seekers have justifiably developed over years of frustration, these VIPs will have earned some understanding, compassion, and forgiveness.

Over the last few years, this DoD sorcery program has lost much steam, as the human realm has been experiencing a strong realignment with the Divine purpose. Just in case, should you ever suspect that you are being hit by sorcery, including as you read or reflect on this writing, training your third eye on me will alleviate the spell.

If and when the human community gets out of its Platonic theater (see section 7), this program and the experience gathered from it may be leveraged into a highly beneficial collective spiritual healing system.

This subsection, unlike the others, is not the conclusion of a series of observations and inferences. Such a work belongs to another upcoming web, as stated earlier. As such, you are welcome to disbelieve it. However, a reputable clairvoyant will confirm it to you—or fearfully decline to do so.

4.6           Leaks and Plumbing on the Day of 9-11

The plumbing and censorship process can be best observed on the very day of 9/11, especially in the morning, as live television evidently struggled to put the cover story together:

Tellingly, by mid-afternoon, very little “explosion” talk was heard on the mass media.

Yet live television messed up again with Building 7’s demolition:

Finally, on 9-12, television essentially lined up behind the official 9/11 myth, with a blackout of explosions and Building 7.

This quick overview of the 9/11 reporting on the day of 9-11 itself suggests that much information made its way to the public that would not qualify under the principles of the 9/11 censorship. This begs a few questions:

These questions require us to go back to the actual execution of the 9/11 false flag. There is much evidence that it did not take place as planned and was in large part improvised:

Anyway, it stands to reason that when the execution of a false flag of 9/11’s magnitude deviates from the plan, the cover-up story needs on-the-fly corrections to keep up with the planned events that fail to take place as well as with the unplanned events that happen to take place. The writers of the official script keep altering it as they chase the facts.

If the real story and the cover-up script change with no or little warning, the censors operate in damage control, like hunters shooting a moving target. They decide minute by minute which correct information is to be hidden and which incorrect information is to be published.

If the censors are desperately shooting a moving target, pity the plumbers. They may be literally driven crazy.

This scenario is consistent with the reporting on the day of 9-11: the censorship was poor in the morning, got better in the afternoon, experienced another lapse with Building 7, and was tightened for good on 9-12 in the morning.

4.7           The 9/11 Censorship Was Globally Coordinated

The above subsections give credibility to the hypothesis of a worldwide, cross-institutional, web-structured censorship of 9/11:

Since the alternative of a spontaneous, simultaneous and identical drive by highly different outfits to censor 9/11 makes no sense (see 4.1), we shall accept the global coordination as a fact.

4.8           Who Would Qualify as a 9/11 Censor?

For the web of censorship to operate ideally, each watchdog—i.e. each potential leaker—needs to be:

The designers of the 9/11 censorship web would logically prefer a given plumber to be able to plumb numerous people: colleagues, acquaintances, relatives, if possible across traditional boundaries of nationalism, religion, ideology, class, etc. This way, (s)he would be in touch with many fellow censors and could plumb on an as-needed basis any leaker in her/his sphere of influence.

This leads us to the finding that any respected professional with a large rolodex would be a prime recruiting target as a 9/11 censor or plumber. We shall revisit this issue later in more detail (see section 4.14).

4.9           The Resistants: The Unsung Leakers

The tightness and self-healing capability of the 9/11 censorship requests truth-seekers to review leaked information under a new light. Could it be that leaks that appear accidental are actually planned? Could they be carefully designed, perhaps pushing the censorship's envelope just short of severe retaliation?

This possibility is very real. Behold, on the very day of 9-11, CBS anchor Dan Rather’s stunning prime-time review of no less than 3 clips of Building 7’s collapse from different angles, available in section 7.2.3. He reminded his audience of the twin towers’ destruction and compared Building 7’s videos to old buildings “deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite.” Maybe the plumbers forgot to brief Rather on this particular point ahead of time. Maybe Rather forgot some earlier order due to the confusion of the day. But it would be an error to discard the hypothesis that he knew exactly what he was doing:

Other instances of possible calculated leaks are the fraudulent parts of the official technical reports on the twin towers and Building 7. They are obvious enough for any high school kid to demonstrably recognize them as such. Maybe this is due, as commonly believed within 9/11 Truth circles, to ignorance, carelessness, confusion and incompetence within the investigative team of the U.S. National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST). Yet, an alternative explanation is that some engineers or scientists within NIST’s team fought—overtly or covertly—against the fraud and managed—perhaps by taking high risks in terms of career and personal safety—to make the frauds as obvious as they are. One of several arguments that buttresses this theory is that since NIST would hide the crux of their analyses under the pretext of public safety, they could easily confuse the public by falsifying their models and produce video simulations that would match the actual video evidence. We cannot exclude that even the senior engineers who presented the reports to the public, Shyam Sunder and John Gross, were part of this effort, and accepted to earn the scorn and the anger of so many 9/11 truth-seekers for making the cover-up so visible.

Similarly, it cannot be excluded that some of the numerous deviations and improvisations in the false flag’s execution and the sloppiness of the cover-up were not accidental, but intentional, as some 9/11 agents may have been uneasy about the grand conspiracy they were part of and consciously made mistakes hoping that:

For instance, flight 93’s “passenger revolt” story is widely believed to have been hastily concocted as the U.S. Air Force was actually shooting down the Boeing—or whatever was flying there. Since the story that “our brave fighters shot down the hijacked aircraft because it was flying towards DC” would have fit the official myth just fine and would have been highly credible, could it be that:

Maybe, when the whole 9/11 story has been written, Rather, Gross and Sunder, and countless others will deserve praise as heroes who did their best to alert the public at great personal risk. Indeed, in light of the above subsections, we cannot exclude that 9/11 plumbers threatened or retaliated against them.

Resistant leakers, like censors, will try to appear ignorant, incompetent, or even hypocritical as they publicly adamantly refuse to consider the possibility that the official 9/11 myth would be incorrect (see section 4.13). However, their true hypocrisy will be directed at the 9/11 conspirators, whom they will pretend to serve while softly undermining the 9/11 censorship. In opposition to censors, they will use hypocrisy as a tool to serve the public.

These unidentified and unsung heroes may understandably have been highly reluctant to speak up on 9/11 any further. They may even legitimately think that they did their part and that the public deserves everything it gets if it fails to leverage their leaks into the proper conclusions and actions.

4.10     The 9/11 Censorship as an Overarching Issue

9/11 raises very troubling issues:

Would one deserve more attention? “We the people of the world” can certainly work on all, but common sense dictates that “we” focus on what professional circles commonly refer to as the most favorable work/results ratio or the low-hanging fruit.

The false flag supersedes its ensuing policies:

“It is from [Afghanistan] that we were attacked on 9/11, and it is from [Afghanistan] that new attacks are being plotted as I speak […] If I did not think that the security of the United States and the safety of the American people were at stake in Afghanistan, I would gladly order every single one of our troops home tomorrow.”

In plain English, Obama uses the official 9/11 myth as his blueprint for warmongering in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He even cynically throws the gauntlet at 9/11 Truth-seekers, telling them in doublespeak:

“Because people believe my lies and disbelieve your truth, I get away with more war.”

He simultaneously carries a triplespeak message to his fellow 9/11 censors, indirectly reaffirming the importance of countering 9/11 Truth and reaffirming his commitment to do just that.

The cover-up supersedes the false flag:

The censorship supersedes the cover-up:

In short, “our” order of priorities is clear:

1. 9/11 censorship.

2. 9/11 cover-up.

3. 9/11 false flag.

4. Post-9/11 policies.

Our analysis has led us to the very important conclusion that 9/11 is, first and foremost, a problem of epistemology.

4.11     9/11 Has Been a Liberal/Muslim/Peace Job

The innumerable watchdogs that have been censoring 9/11 since its inception against their professed best interest hold the ultimate responsibility for its continued success:

This leads us to the ironic finding that the common 9/11 truth-seeking slogan "9/11 was an inside job" is naïve and misleading. Better, more realistic, and highly appropriate slogans would be "9/11 is a liberal job," "9/11 is a Muslim job," "9/11 is Peace movement job," etc., targeting entities that bear much more responsibility for 9/11 and the evil that it inflicted onto the human community than the 9/11 terrorists themselves. Better still would be to replace "is" with "has been," reflecting the ongoing nature of the censorship and the very real fact that nullifying the censorship would bring an end to the post-9/11 policies.

An incident worth recalling here is TV evangelist Jerry Falwell  "infamous" tirade on his colleague Pat Robertson's "700 Club" program 2 days after 9/11:

"I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say 'you helped this happen'."

Falwell's diatribe elicited such swift and vehement protests that he quickly apologized for it. Yet the leaders of the groups he targeted were instrumental to the success of 9/11, both at the time of its execution and over the long term. Falwell routinely denounced them as religiously opposed to the Divine purpose. The preceding analysis exposes their true evil behavior—to put it mildly—in a very down-to-earth sense and vindicates Falwell's inflammatory statement as much closer to the reality than he may have thoughtunless of course he knew 9/11 to be a false flag himself.

4.12     Action Item: Reprioritize 9/11 Truth Activism

In the light of the above finding of ideal priorities (9/11 censorship on top, post-9/11 policies at the bottom), how is grassroots activism doing?

Alas, post-9/11 policies receive much more attention than 9/11 itself:

Alas, many 9/11 Truth-seekers focus their work on the false flag:

In short, political activists—9/11 truth-seekers and others—have their priorities backwards. The 9/11 truth-seeking community is hereby advised to accordingly adjust its strategy:

4.13     First Activism Tool: How to Identify a 9/11 Censor

The previous subsections have demonstrated the existence of the 9/11 censorship and the paramount importance of tackling it. An important step in this endeavor is obviously a process to swiftly recognize a 9/11 censor. I propose a simple method.

There are roughly three ways for an individual to claim to “not know” something that is true, in our case, to “not know” that 9/11 was a false flag:

A practical way to identify a 9/11 censor is a straightforward process of elimination:

Important notes:

4.14     Who Are the 9/11 Censors?

The previous section offers a simple tool to determine if a given individual—or organization—is a 9/11 censor. Let us consider the 9/11 censors from the opposite perspective and elaborate on section 4.8’s summary information. What attributes would the 9/11 “censorship architects” seek in any particular recruit?

So, who would the 9/11 censorship architects recruit?

The reader may find some of these assertions counterintuitive. Yet a reasonable analysis of the 9/11 censorship does not admit different conclusions.

4.15     Second Activism Tool: How to Engage a 9/11 Censor

Once a 9/11 censor has been identified or suspected, your best way, as a 9/11 truth-seeker, to deal with that individual or organization, is good old activism: engaging a censor will bear some fruit if you keep in mind time-tested guidelines:

See sections 7.2 and 7.4 for more suggestions.

5         The 9/11 Censorship’s Context

5.1           The 9/11 Censorship and Other False Flags

Section 4 has taught us that the 9/11 censorship was assuredly a humongous project, especially pre-9/11:

An easy answer is that the 9/11 censorship system would be a work in process. It would have started long before 9/11. The 9/11 censorship’s web may be a fusion of different webs, each of which would encompass a particular segment of humanity according to geographical, professional, political, or other types of divisions. Each of these smaller webs of censorship would have grown on its own, going through its own stages of planning, inception, expansion, and finally integration into the global web. It bears noting that governments, media and other institutions are not shy in occasionally denouncing cases of a small community plagued with multidisciplinary corruption involving many different outfits in a tight network.

This scenario lends itself to the hypothesis that the same censorship system was used, in its earlier stages, to censor cover-ups of smaller magnitudes and stakes than 9/11. Such uses would have allowed the censorship architects to nurture their system and to validate it through tests milder than 9/11. As a matter of fact, there is ample evidence of cover-up and censorship of false flags prior to 9/11, for instance:

There is also ample evidence that post-9/11 false flags have been censored, notably:

Since false flags and cover-ups other than 9/11 have likely been censored, common sense suggests that the censors of different false flags have been using the same censorship system time and again. Every major false flag would double as an opportunity to live-test the censorship:

The 9/11 censorship has now taken the shape of a one-size-fits-all, ongoing “false flag censorship.” The next logical question is whether this all-encompassing “false flag censorship” system could serve conspiracies other than false flags.

5.2           The False Flag Censorship and Other Conspiracies

The previous subsection established that the same censorship that made 9/11 successful has likely been put at the service of other false flags. We shall now investigate whether the same censorship could cover other types of conspiracies.

Abundant clues point to numerous conspiracies, covering just about every area of human life: war, economy, health, water, food, sexuality, religion, economy, work, organized crime, individual rights, pollution, education, jurisdictional disputes, etc. The question needs to be raised as to whether some of these could be real and censored, and if so, which ones? The answer is delicate, because many of these perceived conspiracies are wedge issues, meaning that someone’s conspiracy is someone else’s salvation. For instance, gay marriage is viewed by some as an abomination, by others as a blessing. An intelligent way to reframe this question is to wonder whether some wedge issues could be nurtured through censorship.

Perhaps your favorite wedge issue is a good candidate for this test. Would you care to identify a major, vexing, obvious, easy to solve problem in your society or community? A problem whose resolution would be straightforward and highly beneficial? Let’s go through the difficulties you face as you defend your position with people you know or encounter:

Now let’s go through your difficulties with institutions, especially governmental ones:

Let us assume, for a moment, that these institutions did their job, boldly working to serve the public:

Evidently, governments’ and other institutions’ treatment of wedge issues falls far short of this ideal scenario. Wedge issues, as you know all too well, tend to fester for decades, bothering and antagonizing people. To this extent, they resemble false flags, which also bother and antagonize people—to put it mildly—over long durations.

Many wedge issues die a natural death only when enough people spontaneously embrace one side:

Wedge issues are commonly believed to stem from institutional carelessness and incompetence. However, as we just illustrated, their resolution is usually fairly simple. Why wouldn’t governments and other institutions put a little diligence into it? An easy answer is the hypothesis that the same system that drives institutions to censor 9/11 and other false flags also drives them to censor the smaller, more benign, conspiracies that wedge issues are. Wedge issues inflict on a small scale what false flags inflict on a large scale: fear, mistrust, antagonism, resentment, conflict, etc. It stands to reason that a single system could foment these in bulk with false flags and in small doses with wedge issues.

Another particular wedge issue worthy of attention is violent crime in the United States. Even though the U.S. chronically keeps a very large proportion of its population incarcerated, its rate of violent crime is still terribly high compared to other western industrialized nations with far less punitive criminal justice systems. This is the source of much emotional discord, often fanned by politicians, within the public, as people argue over swifter and harsher penalties versus preventive measures, over strong police powers versus individual rights, or over gun control versus gun rights. Here also, it is likely that a concerted effort by public servants genuinely concerned about the collective suffering imposed by this dismal situation would quickly decrease the abnormally high U.S. crime rate and defuse the continuous arguments it keeps generating.

5.3           The “Mother of All Censorships?”

To summarize this e-book so far, a review of the 9/11 censorship exposes it as a remarkably large, well-honed and enduring enterprise that was founded long before the launch of the 9/11 false flag:

The concept of this “mother of all conspiracies” is assuredly far-fetched, yet, as shown above, it is simple, consistent with observable data and explains many enigmas:

As such, this model passes the test of Occam’s razor.

It also fits the formula of a global “Platonic theater.”

6         The Global Platonic Theater

6.1           What is a Platonic Theater?

The Platonic theater is named after the Greek philosopher Plato. Updating it to modern times for the benefit of the readers who are not familiar with Plato’s original allegory, which takes place in a cave, the Platonic theater is a movie theater with unusual arrangements:

The plot thickens when one person—let us call her Dawn for the sake of it—realizes that she is chained, becomes curious, and notices that she can free herself with little effort. She does so and finds herself uncomfortable as she no longer feels the familiar pressure of her chains.

After a while, Dawn starts to slightly move her body and savors her new-found freedom. At some point, she takes the bold step of standing up, eliciting vehement protests from people behind her, for she is disturbing their all-important occupation of watching the movie and guessing the next scene. At this point, Dawn may sit back down, or ignore the complaints, or boldly walk out.

Assuming that Dawn walks out, she now stands in an aisle, on the side of the theater, and observes it from her new perspective. The screen is skewed and has lost its power of attraction, the people are immobilized and look only straight ahead, and there is a bizarre office in the back that is too bright for her. After her eyes get accustomed to it, she distinguishes the theater masters, their machines, and vaguely understands that they are the ones playing the movies to a captive audience.

Later, Dawn notices the theater’s exit door. She decides to go through it and ends up outside, on a sidewalk. Everything is extraordinary there, starting with the horribly blinding sun. Once her eyes get accustomed to its intense light, Dawn explores the world. She finds people walking, cars, trees, birds, dogs, shops, etc.

At some point, Dawn thinks back of her companions in the theater, pities their life and their “what’s next” guessing game. She gets a calling to wake them up, rushes back into the theater, climbs up in front of the screen, gesticulates and yells, telling them about their chains, the theater masters, and the outside world.

Her companions get upset and respond to Dawn with reproach and anger. They fault her for interrupting the screening, for disturbing their “what’s next” competition, and for expressing concepts that do not make sense. They even label her a nutty conspiracy theorist.

6.2           An Inverted Platonic Theater

The global censorship 9/11 answers to the model of a Platonic theater:

The next logical question is the identity of the Platonic Masters.

6.3           The Platonic Masters

The Platonic Masters would obviously be the architects of the “mother of all censorships.” They would be the “ultimate” node or nodes in the censorship’s web. Obviously, managing such a complex and powerful entity is too much for a single human mind. As such, the Platonic masters must be some oligarchy—assuming they are human.

Many analysts have offered to identify these oligarchs. We shall go through a non-exhaustive list of their findings:

All these hypotheses assume that these people—or non-people—exhibit a strong penchant for evil and therefore are mentally very different from ordinary people. This leads us to the hypothesis that regardless of which of the above theories may be correct, our Platonic Masters would be a clique of highly intelligent essential psychopaths.

6.4           The Essential Psychopath

6.4.1      Essential Psychopathy

Essential psychopathy is a mental pathology. Interestingly, little appears to have been published or discussed about it in psychological and psychiatric circles. Some have wondered whether this lack of interest by the mainstream medical community would be another conspiracy.

Information about essential psychopathy is so scarce that the number of people who exhibit it is unknown. Estimates range from 0.6% to 4% of the human population. Essential psychopaths are overwhelmingly male.

Essential psychopathy is characterized by an absolute absence of empathy. Empathy is the primary mental process that makes humans—and other mammals—social. Concretely, it makes an individual partially feel whatever happens or could happen to another individual (s)he happens to observe or think of.

The absolute absence of empathy makes the essential psychopath:

This psychological lapse makes the essential psychopath’s thought process closer to a reptilian’s than a mammal’s. He is incapable of experiencing scruple, remorse, guilt, shame or discomfort of any kind for any action that normal people would find immoral. A notorious manifestation of this seemingly compulsive lying is readily observable in courtship:

The essential psychopath’s extreme egoism and egocentrism make him a natural predator. His prey is the human community as a whole.

The essential psychopath’s extreme egotism makes him unable to understand psychologically normal people. To him, it is strange—even laughable—that the majority of people care for each other.

As the qualifier “essential” suggests, essential psychopathy has a genetic origin. This distinguishes it from personality disorders, which are acquired. An essentially psychopathic human egg “makes or breaks it” at the moment of fertilization. If the sperm it absorbs does not bring genetic material that corrects the pathology, it inevitably yields an essentially psychopathic individual. Accordingly, from a moral standpoint, it is an error to hold an essential psychopath accountable for his actions, for he has no way to realize that he is evil. Going back to our earlier example of courtship, an essential psychopath who seduces a woman for the sole purpose of recklessly exploiting her is no more immoral than a boa that swallows a lamb.

6.4.2      The Young Essential Psychopath

The essential psychopath understands his nature early on, alas through trauma. He starts differentiating himself from normal children per his absolutely egoistic, egotistic and egocentric nature at a very early age, typically as soon as he can move.

The essentially psychopathic child’s most tender years are marked by countless instances of moralization and punishments by his caretakers. The essential psychopath’s absolute egotism prevents him from perceiving any fairness in these actions as well as in the rules imposed on him. He grows up traumatized.

As a side-note, the essentially psychopathic child is truly a victim of his caretakers' ignorance, as they egotistically project their empathy on the child. They erroneously think that the essentially psychopathic child is fundamentally empathic, try hard to teach him empathy, keep hitting blank walls, and get extremely frustrated themselves in the process. If they only understood the child's essence, they would rear him very differently, traumatizing him much less, containing him with dignity, and warning people around him of his condition.

Over time, he realizes that he is different from other people, that he is incapable of understanding them, that their laws and customs will never make any sense to him, and that they do not understand his difference. Desperately looking for a way out of a bleak future of unending admonitions and punishments, he adopts the pragmatic tactic of studying the difference of other people from a mechanistic perspective:

As he grows up and refines his Cleckley mask, the essential psychopath learns to test it by slightly dropping it and checking that normal people don’t notice. He also learns to recognize other essential psychopaths as they slightly drop their Cleckley masks. This process allows essential psychopaths to identify each other under the radar of normal people. This is not unlike homosexuals’ ability to covertly find their kin in societies that are hostile to their lifestyle.

This discreet mutual identification allows well Cleckley-masked essential psychopaths to collude and pursue specific common egoistic and egocentric goals, which evidently foretell highly unfavorable consequences for normal people.

6.4.3      The Essential Psychopath’s Climb to Power

The essential psychopath's climb to power is usually uneasy. His and his friends' misdeeds may earn him legal trouble. Ironically, several aspects of the criminal justice system are biased in favor of the well Cleckley-masked essential psychopath, and a few seem tailor-made for him:

The most cleverly Cleckley-masked essential psychopaths form underground alliances as mentioned above and routinely outmaneuver normal people. Some even reach positions of high responsibility. A probable instance of such an alliance is the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld triumvirate.

As much as the rise of essential psychopaths to high power may be exceptional in countries with checks and balances such as the USA, it is easier, and even encouraged, in some totalitarian regimes such as the former Soviet Union.

6.5           Pathocracy

This is the time to introduce an expert in the psychology of evil, Andrzej Łobaczewski. Łobaczewski, as a young man, had the dubious fortune of witnessing first-hand the sovietization of Poland while he was studying psychology there. He and a few of his colleagues decided to embark on a fascinating yet highly risky endeavor: the psychoanalysis of their new political context. In 1977, Łobaczewski's research materials were confiscated and he was expelled to the West, where he painstakingly rewrote the information he remembered. He shockingly discovered that his unique knowledge was unwelcome in the West and subjected to some worldwide censorship. It is only in 2006 that his findings would be published, by Red Pill Press, under the title of “Political Ponerology.” Łobaczewski and others coined the term of “ponerology” for their new science based on its etymological meaning of “the study of evil.”

Łobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology” provides a trove of dreadful information and claims, even to a reader already familiar with large-scale conspiracies:

Even though pathocracies differ by their choices of ideological masks of sanity, they are identical in nature and structure. Łobaczewski and his colleagues found that the following features would repeat across ideology, geography, and time:

6.6           From the “Hysteroidal” Cycle into Pathocracy

Łobaczewski found that a community with little influence from the outside world—typically a large country—will naturally experience a “hysteroidal cycle.” The hysteroidal cycle is an unstable process in which three sociological variables chase each other’s tail, as illustrated—with much simplification—in the graph on the right of this paragraph:

According to Łobaczewski, when a society reaches its hysteroidal peak, it tolerates in positions of high power individuals with great charisma but also highly distorted worldviews and serious empathic deficiencies. These people, acting according to their nature, foment more hysteria. At the macro-social level—and unbeknownst to the public—a race takes place between the increasing collective hysteria and the correcting factor of popular awareness of this hysteria. If the latter is too little or too late, enough individuals with severe mental pathologies, including well-masked essential psychopaths, manage to obtain much power. Unaware of its new rulers’ abnormal psychological constitution, the public can in no way comprehend the hysteria they fuel. The social contract becomes inexistent and economic poverty comes back with a vengeance (see graph on the right). As we found in section 6.5, this suits the new rulers just fine and they impose a pathocracy. Well-documented instances of spontaneous divergence from the hysteroidal cycle into pathocracy are Russia and Germany in the first half of the 20th century.

Łobaczewski offers an excitingly simple collective vaccine and cure against the hysteroidal cycle and its occasional pathocratic divergence. He claims that a pathocratic society armed with his knowledge—i.e. the wide diffusion of his “Political Ponerology”—can switch to and anchor itself in normal rule. In the relatively easy case of a society that is initiating its pathocratic divergence, the remedy is for a small part of the majority of psychologically normal people to be aware of it. They will take actions that will make the full transition into pathocracy impossible, such as:

In other words and referring to the following graph, since pathocracy is enabled and sustained by a low awareness of hysteria, Łobaczewski proposes to teach his work to raise this awareness and thus impede pathocracy. He affirms that as human communities use his experience and acquire additional ponerological knowledge, they will spontaneously come up with novel systems of governments, based on the understanding of human psychology and sociology, with some natural selection and appointment of rulers based on their competencies in these sciences and their commitment to the public good. In plain words, he envisions government by benevolent experts in human nature and in technocratic matters committed to public service instead of by charismatic experts in ideological, procedural and legal battles with dubious dedication to public service. He further proposes that these future governments be called “logocracies.” Etymologically, “logocracy” refers to a government based on knowledge. Needless to mention, Łobaczewski hopes for logocracy to flourish, bring unprecedented prosperity, peace and harmony, and eventually serve the whole human community.

When he wrote “Political Ponerology” in 1984, Łobaczewski predicted that the USA would be around a hysteroidal peak. Coupled with the probable essentially psychopathic influence on the GW Bush administration (see section 6.4.3), his reflection invites us into a short psychoanalysis of current U.S. politics.

6.7           A U.S. Hysteroidal Peak

Evidence of collective hysteria in the United States at the time of this writing (2011-March) is strong:

Pathocratic trends in the U.S. government are not hard to find, apart from the neocon experience (see section 6.4.3) that could always be dismissed as an accident of history:

We shall conclude that the USA as a society appears to be, as Łobaczewski predicted, at a hysteroidal peak, with clues pointing to a pathocratic future. Our next logical step is to check the psychological profile of the global Platonic Masters we found in section 6.3 against the attributes of essential psychopathy.

6.8           Essentially Psychopathic Platonic Masters?

Even though we do not know who our global Platonic Masters are (see section 6.3), evidence of their possible essential psychopathy is strong:

How does this fit with their alleged identities we explored in section 6.3? The Bilderbergers, high level free-masons, European Royals, evil-minded Zionists, the Jews, Satanists, the corporations, “banksters,” the “illuminati,” reptilians, aliens?

It is time to pause and review what the 9/11 false flag has taught us so far:

“Our” essentially psychopathic Platonic Masters appear to operate on “us” just as they would be expected to if they were leading “us” into some global pathocracy. It stands to reason that this could  indeed be their objective.

6.9           Towards a Global Pathocracy?

This is the time to sketch what a global pathocracy would be like, especially how it would differ from previous pathocratic experiments such as the Soviet Union.

For the first time in history, the global pathocrats would be free of the limitations imposed by the need to fool foreign normal communities. They could conceivably dispense with their Cleckley masks of sanity, bare their mental pathologies and their absolute immorality, and impose themselves as a class of Masters whom “we the people of the world” would have to unconditionally honor, serve and obey.

Section 5.2 alluded to homosexual marriage as one current divisive issue loaded with emotion. Going back to the hypothetical pathocratic community of 100 people, divided—as evoked in section 6.5—between 6 masters, 14 guards and 80 serfs, the serfs will know that the opinions that solve the homosexual question are those of their masters and will learn—the hard way if needed—to ignore their own.

The global pathocrats would also benefit from modern technological advances—in communications, data management, medicine, miniaturization and other disciplines—that their Soviet predecessors could only dream of:

Łobaczewski did not contemplate such a doomsday scenario and guessing its particulars belongs to the realm of science-fiction. At any rate, “we” will definitely not enjoy it and will likely nostalgically remember the Bush/Obama eras as the “happy old times.”’

This analysis does not demonstrate that “our” global Platonic Masters are leading “us” into a global pathocracy. However, it establishes it not only as a very real possibility, but also as the most plausible explanation for the 9/11 censorship and numerous other conspiracies. It confronts “us” with an updated version of Pascal’s wager, this one very down-to-earth, offering “us” a simple choice:

After weighing the probabilities, the amount of work and the consequences outlined by the wager, the discerning readers will concur that the pound of cure is a highly risky choice and will select the ounce of prevention. They are invited to keep reading.

7         Leaving the Global Platonic Theater

7.1           9/11 Truth as the Way Out

Should the world become pathocratic, 80% of the population will be condemned to the status of “lower class” under the rule of the 6% affected by essential psychopathy and similar genetic psychopathologies (see sections 6.5 and 6.9). These 80% have a vested interest in avoiding such a future. Łobaczewski advises us (see section 6.6) to educate them on this pressing danger. This task is not trivial, for at face value they will find the idea of pathocracy absurd. Besides, our global Platonic Masters will easily ridicule it, since they master deception, the mainstream channels of information, and the watchdogs that the unaware public still trusts. Our challenge is to find some important clue of the impending pathocracy with daunting attributes:

The aspect of the pathocratic project that best meets these criteria is arguably the 9/11 false flag, with its cover-up and its censorship. This should be no surprise, as no other conspiracy comes closer to adversely affecting just about every mentally normal human being and to lending itself to the demonstration of the impending global pathocratic danger. Its teaching simply needs some congruence with that of the global Platonic theater, along the lines of the following sections.

7.2           Third Activism Tool: 9/11's Baby Step

7.2.1      Why a Baby Step?

As you educate on 9/11 somebody who is skeptical or ignorant, start simple, lest you fail. As established in the previous sections, the watchdogs have saturated that person with the official 9/11 myth so that (s)he believes it with the same fervor as the fact that 2+2=4. Your challenge is to chip away at that fervor in such a way that (s)he accepts it naturally and to select this little change so that it eventually leads her/him to see through the 9/11 lies. This step ought to play down the emotional nature of the death and destruction of 9/11 while taking enough off the person's faith in the 9/11 myth so that (s)he eventually renounces it in its entirety and discovers the grand 9/11 censorship.

A recommended way to accomplish this is to engage that person into some undesirable fallout of 9/11. Your choice is wide: wars, financial scandals, economic crises, leniency on white-collar fraud, civil rights, human rights, fear of terrorism, religious intolerance, environmental neglect, media bias, etc. State that this issue is a consequence of 9/11, in part or totally. Then observe that the true 9/11 events were covered up and censored, and offer to prove it.

Another good point of entry into 9/11 consists in capitalizing on the fatigue that many long-time political activists are feeling from repeatedly hitting blank walls while pushing their pressing wedge issues (see section 5.2). See as a reference my "frustrated activist page," which leads into Building 7's "baby page" (see section 7.2.2). Feel free to copy it, customize it to suit your own purposes, and upload it to your own web.

At this point, your next challenge is to get your acquaintance to accept, by paying attention to you for just a few minutes, some glaring and undisputable anomaly regarding 9/11 that a 6th grade student would understand and that would deal less with the specifics of the 9/11 events than with their most important epistemological context. While you are the best judge as to what this anomaly should be, the following sections offer a very elegant one.

7.2.2      The 9/11 "Baby Page"

The 9/11 "baby page" uniquely qualifies as a compelling introduction to the 9/11 censorship. It has been used on dozens of skeptics and faithkeepers—people who irrationally cling to the 9/11 myth because of the fear of 9/11 Truth's implications—without a fault as of 2011-March. It also appears to satisfactorily unmask high-profile 9/11 censors (see section 7.2.5).

The baby page has unique attributes:

Feel free to download its simple html code, copy it, and customize it for your own use. Also feel free to download its embedded movies, available in the next section.

7.2.3      Building 7's Teaser Slide Show

An alternative version of the baby page (see above) is the teaser slide show, a very short excerpt from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s famed slide show, downloadable from this web into a Windows-based computer by clicking here.

At some point, Windows may prompt you to run an executable file. As it executes, it will unzip four files (a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show file named "Truth-seeker's teaser" and three audio/video files) and invite you to select the folder they will be downloaded to.

As an alternative, download the files one by one by clicking—or right-clicking?—on the four following links and saving the target files in the same folder: slide show, CBS clip, Building 7 versus demolition, Building 7's official video model.

Once the files have downloaded, open the PowerPoint file and review the teaser slide show. It is filled with notes to assist and advise you before you actually play it to your audiences. Once you are ready, play it—using your computer's F5 key or some other command—and rehearse your presentation.

Similarly to the baby page in the previous section, the teaser slide show will convince any 9/11 skeptic or faithkeeper that:

The same skeptic or faithkeeper will generally accept the obvious conclusions:

7.2.4     The Baby Step's Net Effect

The baby step's conclusions (see previous subsection) are an excellent first individual and collective “wake-up” step:

Many reasonable skeptics will not stomach more in one shot. This is quite acceptable, since the baby step puts them not only on the 9/11 Truth track, but also—and more importantly—on their way to the awareness of the global Platonic theater.

Remember that non-empathic and poorly empathic people—6% (mostly male) and 15% of the population, respectively—will not respond well to the baby step. The former may rabidly oppose it, as the 9/11 false flag is the harbinger of a world to their liking (see section 6.5).

Conversely, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that anybody who doesn’t accept your presentation is pathological. Many psychological disorders will scare people out of questioning the official 9/11 myth. Besides, kindly accept that your teaching style may be less than perfect, especially at first.

Regarding this last point, consider rehearsing your presentation and asking a trusted friend for feedback.

If and when a skeptical acquaintance of yours is ready for more, your next challenge is to lead her/him through a streamlined 9/11 Truth class that teaches as little of 9/11 as necessary to demonstrate the global Platonic theater's existence.

7.2.5     The Baby Step on Censors and Leaders

To my knowledge, the baby step is currentlyas of 2011-Marchthe only effective tool to neutralize and confuse 9/11 censors. Whenever some leader or organization dismisses 9/11 Truth, consider challenging her/him/it to refute it.

Consider also using it as you reach out to leaders you would like to enroll into 9/11 Truth.

Find detailed information on how to handle censors and reach out to leaders here.

7.3           Streamlining 9/11 Truth

7.3.1     AE911Truth Demystifies Building 7

Once your acquaintance has woken up to the above-mentioned epistemological baby step, your challenge is to lead her/him through 9/11 Truth's maze and bring her/him to realize that “we the people of the world” live in a global Platonic theater, since it is less important to educate her/him on the specifics of 9/11 than on the global Platonic theater (see section 4.10). Here also, you are the best judge as to what to do, but the most direct route from the baby step to the global Platonic theater is arguably a complete demonstration of the demolition, cover-up and censorship of Building 7, and then of the twin towers. Here also, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is a prime source of information:

Depending on how much your acquaintance can handle, you may want to split the information and treat Building 7 only in the first installment. Indeed, AE911Truth’s findings on Building 7 are as dramatic as many people will stomach in one shot:

7.3.2     Building 7 Thickens the Epistemological Plot

When your acquaintance accepts the reality of Building 7's demolition and AE911Truth's above-mentioned findings, you may want to lead her/him into their logical, paradigm-shifting, epistemological conclusions:

These conclusions take your acquaintance through an excellent second “wake-up” step:

7.3.3     AE911Truth Demystifies the Twin Towers

AE911Truth's demonstration of the controlled demolition, cover-up and censorship of the twin towers is simpler and shorter than Building 7’s, for it builds on the experience your acquaintance has acquired with Building 7. However, many people find it difficult to follow because no matter how objective and obvious the presentation, they associate heavy emotions with it. Indeed, the twin towers’ demolitions yield breathtaking revelations:

7.3.4     The Twin Towers Set 9/11's Epistemological Question

When your acquaintance accepts as a fact AE911Truth's above-mentioned findings, you may lead him/her to earth-shattering but obvious conclusions:

Then comes the coup de grâce:

Your acquaintance is now aware of 9/11’s paramount challenge: understand and overcome the global censorship it points to. (S)he is ready to accept the challenge of listing her/his channels of information (TV channels, government agencies, non-profit organizations, employer, etc.) into why they have taken part in this censorship, or at least reevaluate her/his trust in them. (S)he is also ready to start reading this e-book.

The elegance of using AE911Truth’s materials for this demonstration cannot be underestimated: a single source, objective and neutral from all standpoints, leads any reasonably intelligent and psychologically sane individual to the threshold of awareness of the global Platonic theater.

7.3.5     Welcome the Censorship Early on

As proposed earlier (see section 4.12), if your acquaintance interrupts your technical explanations or presentation with an epistemological question (whistle blowing, leaks, confessions, etc.), don't dismiss it. Instead, rejoice that (s)he is attuned to the true problem of 9/11. If you'd like, answer that bringing in these subjects is pointless unless Building 7 and the twin towers were demolished. But most importantly, acknowledge the value of the question, state that it is not germane to the technical demonstration of the demolitions, and affirm that it is, together with many unanswered questions of the same vein, the true mystery of 9/11. If you'd like, add that elements of answer will be forthcoming later, once (s)he has acquired the simple essential technical knowledge that constitute the core of 9/11.

7.3.6     Fourth Activism Tool: the Fundamental 9/11 Pages

The 9/11 baby page (see section 7.2.2) advantageously leads to two generic web pages dedicated to Building 7 and the twin towers. They properly emphasize 9/11's paramount epistemological and sociological teachings, subcontracting to AE911Truth the heavy work of demonstrating the demolitions. Like the baby page, feel free to copy their html code, customize it, and reuse it.

7.3.7     Fifth Activism Tool: the Demolition Tree

You will not always have AE911Truth's movies on a TV or AE911Truth's representatives on the phone as you teach the twin towers' demolitions. When you are tabling 9/11 to the general public, you will inevitably have to answer objections to the idea of the twin towers' demolitions, and chances are you will get sidetracked into discussions that are not germane to the demolitions, not to mention the 9/11 censorship and the global Platonic theater that is your ultimate objective.

Find here another useful map to guide your discussion of the 3 World Trade Center demolitions: a 7-page tree (or block-diagram) of the fundamental class on the essentials of 9/11, i.e. the demolition of the twin towers and the global and enduring censorship they point to. It will give you a trove of solid sound bites that defend the demolitions at the level of the 5th or 6th grade. It will also allow you to pinpoint what part of the demonstration your opponent objects to. If your mind is analytical, consider rehearsing your arguments with it ahead of your events or discussions. Finally, if an objection is not covered by the tree, it probably is not germane to the demonstration, so try to confirm this and point it out to your opponent. In case you would want to edit it or customize the demolition tree, find the original Visio file, complete with an ANSI D-size single drawing of the whole tree, here.

If enough people ask for it, if nobody else will do it and as time allows, I will detail this tree into a multitude of short web pages linked to each item, so that clicking on any given box will open a dedicated page with the corresponding element of demonstration.

7.4           9/11 Truth’s Short Action List

9/11 Truth holds the potential to snip in the bud the burgeoning global pathocracy. However, as a 9/11 truth-seeker, you need to accordingly frame your message and stick to the essentials. 9/11 Truth's essential message is epistemological: it demonstrates the existence of the global Platonic theater.

Accordingly streamline your discourse and demonstration. Focus on what is big, known, irrefutable, and leads directly to the global Platonic theater:

As soon as your audiences accept 9/11 as a false flag, lead them towards the 9/11 censorship:

Remember that the 9/11 censorship is top-down, so people in the lower political/economic/social strata are probably not censors. Engage them, bring them the baby step (see section 7.2), and enroll them as allies. 9/11 Truth has been bottom-up since its inception. As enough people leave the global Platonic theater, it will climb up until leaders who double as Platonic censors run out of followers.

Downplay the need to bring 9/11 conspirators, censors and plumbers to criminal justice, less to summary justice or mob justice. Remember that many 9/11 censors were threatened, harassed and tortured into their functions and that many agents of the 9/11 false flag, cover-up and censorship may actually double as 9/11 heroes (see sections 4.4, 4.5, and 4.9). Remember that essential psychopaths are not morally responsible for being evil (see section 6.4.1). Remember that much of your information on individual responsibility for 9/11 has come from censored sources. Remember that one reason for pathocrats to cling to power is the fear of retribution (see section 6.5). Instead, be ready to concede understanding, compassion, and forgiveness, while relentlessly showing and exemplifying the way out of the global Platonic theater.

Consider reviewing the isolated subsection (4.5) of this document related to sorcery, for you or someone close to you may be hit by it.

Reach across traditional boundaries of religion, ideology, money, class, occupation, education, language, citizenship, immigration status, etc. These are largely arbitrary and probably invented or nurtured by our Platonic Masters as tools to divide and conquer “us the people of the world.”

Whenever somebody engages you on a wedge issue, try to ignore it. Instead, engage that person on the overriding importance of 9/11. Summarily state her/his problem would be solved if governments and other institutions did their job, that it is best to tackle a problem at its source, and that you know just how to do that. If (s)he is curious, state that 9/11 will solve her/his issue and many others to her/his satisfaction (see section 5.2), and kindly invite her/him to follow your leadership. Send her/him to the "frustrated activist page" (see section 7.2.1).

Remember that embracing 9/11 Truth is usually a grueling process. Here is a rough awareness scale a skeptic typically has to climb through:


Mental Awareness

Supporting Rationale


9/11 Truth is to be ignored

TV would talk about it


9/11 truth-seekers are to be ridiculed and demonized

TV says so


9/11 truth-seekers are wrong

I can't debunk them, but TV can


9/11 Truth is unconvincing

I can't debunk its video, but I believe TV


9/11 truth-seekers have a point; the public has not been properly informed of some important flaw in the official explanation

the video simulation of Building 7's collapse is way off compared to a controlled demolition


9/11 Truth is legitimate; some important information in the official story is a lie and the public has not been informed of this

Building 7 was really demolished


9/11 Truth is important; the real 9/11 terrorists have not been identified, the U.S. government gave them cover and protection, and this was not reported to the public

the twin towers were demolished, the FBI and TV looked the other way


9/11 was a false flag; the ensuing wars are fraudulent; 9/11 Truth is essential to cancel them

they keep justifying their wars with 9/11


9/11 Truth has big ramifications; many people and institutions could easily but did not denounce the 9/11 false flag

TV should have denounced the false flag and the cover-up


9/11 Truth could be one of many important issues subject to a global censorship

maybe TV hides important information other than 9/11


9/11 Truth points to a grand-scale censorship problem better than any other issue does

people disagree with me over what exactly TV has hidden, but they agree it hid 9/11


breaking this overarching censorship is key to improving the human community's fate

TV must be hiding things I have no idea of


the surest way to break this global censorship is to denounce its use in regards to 9/11

9/11 Truth will solve everything


denouncing the 9/11 censorship is more pressing than just about every other political endeavor

we are truly threatened with a global pathocracy

7.5           Summary

The human community is at risk:

Prevention is easy:

This analysis has brought the 9/11 Truth movement into adulthood. 9/11 truth-seekers have been ignored and mocked. That era is over. Truth-seekers now have a blueprint for effective action and are aware that the future of the world is literally in their hands, for the 9/11 false flag is a blessing in disguise:

Over a century ago, Theodore Parker stated:

“The arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

I ask Parker’s spiritual remains for forgiveness as I speculate that he truly meant to exhort his followers to work for social justice while warning them that the task ahead of them was enormous. I affirm that had Parker known what we know as we reach the end of this analysis, his quote would read instead:

“The arc of the universe, long? Let's take the shortcut!”

9/11 Truth is the world’s best hope. It is also a call for the large majority of psychologically normal people to temporarily forget about their differences and unite behind it, making it the ultimate call for unity in diversity. The English word “ultimate” means “best in its class,” yet it descends from the Latin superlative “ultimus,” which means “last in its series.” Perhaps this dual nature of “ultimate” suits it as the qualifier of choice for 9/11 Truth’s call to unity in diversity.

Heeding 9/11 Truth’s call leads “us the people of the world” into a future whose brightness we can hardly fathom. Ignoring it leads “us” straight into an abysmal future which the Soviet Union was but a pale prototype of.

The work ahead is not that hard, and its stakes are humongous. Let’s just get it done!